Ok, call me nieve, but prior to doing a volunteer stint at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, I had never heard or seen a bush baby.

Bush Babies Fly

So when Tony came along very excited and dragged me to a small enclosure one evening, I had NO idea what he was up to or what he had found.

Bush Babies Fly

Well. Was I surprised. That first time we went into their enclosure we only had on head lamps or the light of our iPhones. But as you can see, the footage we got was quite priceless.

There were three little bush babies there, in the dark of the night, who came alive once we walked in to join them. Obviously they were expecting their evening meal which still hadn’t been served up, so they were pretty animated. Especially one who seemed to be the leader of the group, and quite boisterous with it.

Bush Babies Fly

Eating mealworms – yum!

Bush babies are found throughout East Africa as well as in woodlands and bushlands in sub-Saharan Africa. They are about 6-8 inches long and live in tree hollows or construct nests in the forks of branches. In fact there was a wild one that had decided to occupy a man made nest in a tree right outside the enclosure, seemingly to enjoy the company of these captive ones. Strange but cute!

Bush Babies Fly

They can live to about 12-14years as long as they can avoid predators such as eagles, owls or snakes. 

Bush Babies Fly

These little guys looked like small rodents but so soft and cuddly, if they would stop for a minute. And that wasn’t going happen in my lifetime. They were very active, and just leaped from tree branch, to us, to the wire fence, back to us, onto the floor, back up a tree and so on.

They were very curious too, and one was very intent on checking out every inch of our head lamps or Tony’s bushman’s hat (which I hated with a passion)! Then he told me that part of their ‘endearing’ nature was that they marked there territory by frequently urinating on things. And that would include us, our skin, our T-shirts, his hat, and so on.

Bush Babies Fly

What we didn’t know is that their urine is like something that sticks like shit to a blanket, and nothing, yes nothing will get that stain out. Once marked, you belong to them, forever! Yes, their stains are still there, despite so many washes with every detergent and stain remover known to man. And those T-shirts are worn with great pride. Anointed by a bush baby. We are SO blessed!

Bush Babies Fly

[Photos and Videos by Irene and Tony Isaacson].

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