What Is DiveArt?

DiveArt is an artform with its origins in underwater images by Tony Isaacson of DiveCareDare.

Hawksbill turtle artwork DiveArt
Hawksbill turtle in the Conflict Islands, PNG – DiveArt artwork

Every marine-based image is individually digitally manipulated. So each piece of DiveArt is unique in every way.

Below are just a few of our DiveArt images for you to experience.

We hope you appreciate our interpretation of the underwater world and all its beauty. Enjoy!

And remember…

You only conserve what you can see, feel, love and experience…

More About Underwater Photographer Tony Isaacson

Tony is an award-winning Land and Ocean Conservationist, Diving Naturalist, PADI Instructor, Shark, and Rescue Diver. As a Public Speaker, he is a passionate advocate for sharks, sustainability, and eco-tourism.

Logging over 3000 dives in more than 20 countries around the world he has explored marine diversity in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Scuba diver Tony Isaacson filming a tiger shark experience in Florida
Scuba diver and videographer Tony Isaacson filming a tiger shark experience in Florida

Tony was a Consultant on the making of BBC documentaries on Leafy Seadragons and The Great Barrier Reef (with Richard Fitzpatrick).

In 2013, he inspired Navy Clearance Diver and bull shark bite survivor Paul de Gelder with a 60 Minutes film crew to dive with bull sharks at the Ultimate Shark Encounter in Fiji.

Tony’s motto is “Life is diving – the rest is merely surface interval”.