Was created to share fun, exciting travel, and wildlife experiences through photos, videos, and blogs. After all, we only conserve what we see, feel, love, and value.

And increasing global awareness of the plight of our natural world from human activity can only benefit all of us in the future. 


So WHO is iFotoTravel?


Irene and Tony Isaacson – The Early Days

UK born but migrating to Australia’s shores in 1982, Irene is a practicing a Medical Doctor & Pathologist of over 40 years. 

From a life long career as a Teacher in South Australia and a scuba diver of 40yrs+, they met, married, and moved to SE Queensland in 2003.

Since retiring from Secondary School education,  Tony has become a PADI Dive Master & Instructor, Specialist Shark, and Rescue Diver, expanding his underwater videography skills exponentially.

Embracing the advent of digitization of media in the early 2000’s, travel photography and videography have become their passion during their extensive global travels.


Traveling The World

Our joint love for travel has spanned Antarctica, Alaska, Canada, North and South America, Galapagos Islands, Caribbean Islands, Africa (incl. Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa), Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Indonesia, PNG, Vanuatu, Japan, China, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Falkland and Easter Islands.

To name but a few!


iFotoTravel Is Born

Our trips have spanned 1M miles, more than 32% of the world’s surface. And so, iFotoTravel was ‘born’ to share these amazing experiences through their photos, video, digital photojournalism, and social media.

iFotoTravel has become a Top Photographer & Contributor (Level 6) with a Passport of nearly 300 cities and a current readership of 165,000 from more than 2000 published reviews.

Over 70 articles illustrated by our personal photography have been published on internet travel sites such as Travel2Next.com


Wildlife Adventures And Voluntourism

Our global travel and experiences of the natural wonders of the world have focussed on wildlife adventures. Highlighting a need for wildlife conservation combines well with our long time passions for wildlife and nature photography.  We hope to advance a shared awareness for the preservation of our world around us.

Particularly enjoying being volunteers at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, we have worked with all manner of African wildlife. We also spent time at Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Lion Sanctuary in South Africa, working with Kevin’s lions, hyenas, and black leopards.

Spurred on by those awesome experiences, we later volunteered with rescued orangutans and sun bears in Indonesian Borneo, at Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan.


A Little About DiveCareDare

Sharing a life long passion for conservation through his social media platform DiveCareDare, Tony is an Award-winning land and ocean conservationist. His main current focus is on global shark preservation working with local and Federal Australian Government bodies and conservation organisations.

Our combined ‘surface interval’ and diving adventures can be seen through photography and videography on both iFotoTravel and DiveCareDare social media sites.


Please enjoy and share these experiences. 

And don’t forget…

Live For Today As Our Future Is Now!


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